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What We Do

LexBot is a social activism chatbot that hopes to bring positive change throughout the world in any way we can. We deliver unbiased articles about current events from a variety of sources and seek out nonprofit charities to aid and support. We also offer access to important petitions, and local community events. For more information, please view our FAQ page! LexBot was started in 2021 by Alexander Tomsovic, a senior student at Mission San Jose High school in California. To learn more about the creator, click here!

What We Do: Services
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Get Started

Send LexBot an SMS Message to get started! LexBot can be reached at +1(510) 694 - 4622. LexBot will direct you to and then begin sending you important topics and current event articles. Messaging and Data rates may apply.

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Receive Updates

LexBot sends important news articles and stories straight to your inbox. You can view all previous articles in the articles page, and can edit the number of articles you receive by signing into your account.

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Explore Opportunities

Receive information on local volunteer opportunities, petitions contributing to a just cause, and more! All petitions and volunteer opportunities can be found on their respective pages.

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Show Your Support

LexBot recommends petitions and nonprofit organizations to you based on a number of factors. Learn about these organizations, their mission, what your money is used for, and more on the donation page.

What We Do: Recent Work
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