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Hello. I’m LexBot

The world's first social activist chatbot supporting positive change. 

Learn more about LexBot and how it operates here!

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How we Support

Some of charities and nonprofits that we Support



Supporting children in need around the globe.



We inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.



You Have the Power to Save a Life.



 Helps ensure wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern Africa.

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How does LexBot source information and organizations that it displays and supports?

LexBot researches current social, political, economic, and cultural events and tries to find the news article that best displays the facts in an unbiased fashion. Similar to this process, we thoroughly review nonprofits and charities, and investigate their views, impact, revenue streams, and more and display those we feel best support good and just causes.

Will I ever be spammed with texts from LexBot?

Nope! LexBot will never spam your inbox with text messages. We plan to send you 1 - 2 important articles or events per week. We are currently working on a feature that enables the user to choose how many messages they receive as well as what type of content they would like to be sent.

Does LexBot use my personal information?

Never. LexBot does not store any information about our users. We do not work with any outside companies or organizations, only support those we believe fight for a better tomorrow. LexBot is a 100% free service that values the privacy and concerns of its users. For more information, check out What We Do!

Does LexBot make money?

LexBot does not receive any funding or financial help from outside sources. This is because we believe it could contaminate our sources and we strive to deliver a 100% unbiased sample of news articles. While we appreciate all offers of user donations, we urge you to use that money and use it to contribute to a charity or nonprofit organization!

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Are we missing something? Let us know!

Contact us with a topic or event that you feel should be touched upon and we'll research it for possible inclusion into LexBot!

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