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A Bit About Me

Who I am and why I made LexBot

As a senior school student attending Mission San Jose High, I observed that almost all of my peers received their news through social media, which can efficient and streamlined, but is usually incredibly inaccurate. As a studying software engineer and web developer, I thought that a chatbot could be quite useful for distributing news articles! It's instant, streamlined, and every article gets delivered to you with a pleasant ringtone chime.

Growing up in the bay area, I have always been surrounded by diversity, different ideas, and contrasting views. As someone who supports the social justice movement, I strive to give everyone unbiased, informative, and well-documented news. Combining my idea and passion, I started LexBot in the summer of 2021! LexBot hopes to eliminate fake news distribution, fraudulent charity growth, and give LexBot users a simple, efficient hub for viewing the latest news and authentic ways to support nonprofits.

So what's next? I am continuing  my studies in computer science at the college level this Fall. My dream school is UC Santa Cruz! I hope to improve LexBot throughout my college career and grow it as a news hub! I've been joyfully overwhelmed with all the positive feedback, ideas, and constructive criticism. I am so glad that LexBot helps a small community with their news article intake!

If you wish to check out my other software engineering projects, or contact me personally, check out my Linktree down below!

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