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Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley arrested on Jan. 6 riot-related charges

June 2022


What we know, minute by minute, about how the Uvalde shooting and police response unfolded

May 2022


Russian-backed separatists sentence POWs to death; food supply disruptions could affect millions of people, UN says.

May 2022


Over 40 million people are under severe storm threat this weekend.

April 2022


Biden to announce $800M in military aid for Ukraine; Zelensky calls on Congress 'to do more'

March 2022


Where the Russia-Ukraine conflict goes from here

March 2022


Pentagon puts 8,500 troops on 'heightened alert' as U.S. weighs military action against Russia

January 2022

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Tesla’s Fremont Factory was the most productive auto factory in the U.S. in 2021

January 2022


Federal trial for three ex-officers charged in George Floyd's killing begins

January 2022


The U.S. War in Afghanistan

October 2021

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The Global Chip Crisis

September 2021


Lebanon Fuel Explosion

August 2021

download (7).jpeg

Dozens Dead in Germany Floods

July 2021

download (8).jpeg

Massive Protests in Hungary

June 2021

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